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1-2-3 경영이념

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  • 경영이념
    1. Focus to doing well.
    2. Devote to maintaining market share and expansion.
    3. Do research and development to make money as selection
        and concentration.
    4. Achieve 10% of operation profit certainly.
  • 경영이념
    • 정직성실

      • We take the initiative and set an example to others in the execution.
      • We keep our words well and do not conceal our faults.
      • We act after precise understanding of responsibility
        and competence.

    • 도전정신

      • We recognize and respect outputs and efforts from the individual achievement.
      • We accept the difference of various ways of thinking for better team work.
      • We respect and listen attentively other's opinions and do not hesitate to give a praise or a encouragement.

    • 개인존중

      • We search for changes from new view and proposal and accept them with self-confidence,
        therefore, we do not fear a failure.
      • We plan and execute the challengeable goal.

    • 가치창조

      • Increase of one's capability for creativity and professional promotes him world best talent in his work field.
      • We are to listen and collect customer's voices from various aspect.
      • We are to share all kinds of knowledge and information acquired from working activities.

    [[ The Motto of Will Technology Co. ]]
    - Trust
    - Harmony
    - Worth
    - Respect
    - People